Fridge Repair

Does Your Fridge have the Following Symptoms? 

"All the food in the fridge is warm, and, when the fridge
is plugged in, 
the internal fridge light comes on when the
door is open, but there is no sound at all
coming from the fridge." 

If so, then you almost certainly need this replacement thermostat.  

This is a Quality Genuine British Made "Ranco" Thermostat,
(not a cheap Chinese copy, which may last for a year or two
if you're lucky, before needing to be replaced again).

This "Ranco" thermostat is designed to be used as a replacement
in virtually any larder fridge.

A larder fridge is one that doesn't have a freezer compartment at
the top. Most larder fridges are the free standing type that fit under a
worktop, but this thermostat can also be used on the taller ones
and on the built-in (integrated) ones. 

If you have a Fridge/Freezer (rather than a fridge) 

with these Symptoms, Please CLICK HERE

The above "Ranco" thermostat is used by leading makes. 

These type of thermostats are used as originals by the vast majority
of fridge manufacturers such as Hotpoint, Electrolux, Creda, Zanussi, Lec,
Candy, AEG, Hoover, Servis, Beko, LG, Scandinova (not the
Scandinova LFA374 Models
), and many others.   

So it is very likely that, if you use this thermostat, you will
actually be replacing 'like for like', which makes the fitting
job so much easier.


Buy with Confidence.

If you do have the symptoms with your fridge as described
above, then this thermostat will almost certainly get it working again.

Please Note
If you hear any sound at all coming from the fridge such
as low level 'humming noises' or 'clicking', then the thermostat
isn't the cause of the above fault. 

This part comes with a twelve month manufacturers' guarantee.  


We will give friendly email and/or phone advice to all buyers (if needed).
We run our own domestic refrigeration repair business and
we work on these types of appliances on a daily basis.


Fitting the thermostat is straight forward. If you can change a plug on
an electrical appliance, you will be able to do this. You only need
basic tools (screwdrivers and pliers) and no soldering is required.
But, to help you further, when you order, you will be given access
a set of detailed fitting instructions.

If you have any questions please e-mail or phone us for friendly advice 

Please Click
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The Price for this Thermostat is

Plus Postage & Packing
(U.K. 48 Hour Carrier, Despatched Within 24 Hours of Order)

 Please Click on this box to see how you can place an order.  



We also have virtually every Genuine Original thermostat available
(if the manufacturers are still making it). So if you would prefer to
use the original manufacturer’s thermostat, but still get access to our
instructions and advisory service, please contact us by phone or
email, with the make and model number of your fridge or fridge/freezer
and we will let you know the price. We literally have over a thousand
different thermostats available, and for this reason we are unable to list
them on our website for online purchase at the moment, but we are
working on it. By the way, our prices are rarely beaten by other online suppliers. 

In addition to the Fitting Instructions, it is our aim to also give you a
Top Class Email and/or Telephone Back-up Service. Many (perhaps most)
of our customers have never replaced a fridge thermostat. So we don't
expect you to know all the technical terms when you contact us. So
don't be afraid to ask us any questions, before or after you buy the
thermostat. Your enquiry will be welcomed, and we will give you as much
help as you need. If you read some of the comments (below) that we have
received from our customers, you will get some idea of the friendly
service we try to provide. 

All of the comments below are genuine email messages we have
received over the years. We have literally hundreds of similar comments
going back over the last 7 - 8 years. We keep these emails on record, and
any of these can be verified by you if you wish. 

Here are some of the comments. 

Hi Phil, Thank you for a excellent service. Part arrived Fri 11:00 took
20 mins to install, fridge now working again. Once again thanks
for a excellent service, I will spread the word. Regards  

Ben K. May 2007 

Dear Phil, Just saying thank you for the good service. The thermostat
arrived next day 1st class post. Your e-mailed instructions were a great
help. Thanks again for your kind friendly help and advice. I would certainly
recommend you to anyone with the same problem. Kind regards,  

Alan C.  April 2007 



RON N. April 2008 

Thermostat received and fitted this morning - no problem. The instructions
helped me sail through it. Thank you so much.  

Arthur H.  Gloucester 4/5/08 

Just a brief message to say a big thank-you for the excellent service you
are operating. My thermostat arrived as promised, the morning after I
spoke to you, took about 20 mins to fit, thanks to great instructions, and ancient
Lec fridge is humming away again. Many thanks, I shall do my best to publicise you.  

Tim R.  Oswestry   4/6/07 

Thanks for the great service. It arrived Saturday and done the trick.
Thanks again.  

M Taylor  2/7/07

Just to let you know I fitted the thermostat.  It was easy as you said! 
Many thanks for your great service.  I've told all my friends about you.  
Best regards,  

Dave A.  Mountskirby    2/10/07 

First class, friendly service. Thermostat arrived within 24 hrs. Written
instructions AOK plus telephone query answered. Until I visited your web
site, I thought I had to buy a new fridge-freezer.  

Mike, Wolverhampton. 11-1-08 

The new thermostat is identical to the broken one, and was easy to install.
Must have saved me at least ?200. Very glad I found your website!
Thanks again, very much.  

Keith S.         London         24/5/08 

Just wanted to say thanks and that my fridge is now working fine. The
instructions were spot on. The wife wanted to buy a new fridge so you
saved me a few pounds which I can spend on something else.

Steve T.            Oxfordshire            19/9/08 

New thermostat fitted and fridge back in business. The instructions were
clear and easyto follow. Thanks for an excellent service.  

Alistair S.  Angus.   14/10/08 

Good morning to you, the thermostat arrived yesterday morning and
was easyto fit (Thanks to the easy to understand info on your website).
I wanted to say a big thankyou for operating such a good service, some
suppliers go the extra mile to support their customers, you are one of those
that do, I as a customer very much appreciated your efforts. I will broadcast
your site to anyone I hear of that needs fridge repair. 
Thanks again and best regards.  

Alan C.   Buckinghamshire.  10/2/09 

Thank you for sending the fridge thermostat, ordered by phone Monday pm,
through my letter box 8.40 am Tuesday! following your Comprehensive fitting
Instructions received by E Mail, the thermostat was fitted easily,
Thank you again for this excellent Service. Regards  

Ian G.   Cirencester  29/5/09 

I wish all suppliers took this much trouble to explain the ins and outs on
their website and pick up the phone to help decode the numbers on the
old stat. I wish my fridge would break down more often just so I could
experience the customer service again!  

Peter C.  Solihull         27/8/09 

My friend and I fixed the thermostat fine- all done in 20 mins! Girl Power!!
They were great instructions. Thanks for all your help.  

Louise E. 24/10/09  London 

Thanks, I fitted it and it works perfectly.  

Mark B,   Limerick, Ireland  6/11/09 

Hi Phil, Ordered Friday evening, received Monday morning. Fitted and working. 
Great service with excellent instructions. Thank You.  

Trevor S.   Staffordshire   5/12/09 

Dear Phil, Thank you very much for the thermostat and for your helpful
instructions. It is now fitted and the fridge is working fine.  

Paul K.   Preston.   2/1/10 

Hello Phil, Fitted your thermostat last night. Fridge now back to normal.
I wouldn't have known what to do without your very comprehensive
Very many thanks indeed. Best wishes.  

Roger H.   Staffordshire   1/2/10 

The Price For This Thermostat is.
Plus Postage & Packing
(U.K. 48 Hr Carrier, Despatched Within 24 Hours of Order)

To find out how to order.  

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